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5 things we love about Goldie magazine – a new glossy title aimed at the 40 plus reader

Goldie Magazine is a breath of fresh air presenting a new approach and a new attitude to life after 40 – here’s why we love it….

“You might think that started a new magazine when print has been announced as ‘officially dead’ is a bit of a mad thing to do.

After all, established titles are closing and we’re constantly being told that people don’t want to buy magazines anymore.

But what if, for one moment, we assume that people do, they just don’t want to buy the magazines that currently exist.

Stay with me. What if, the reality is that magazines haven’t moved with the times and simply haven’t kept up with what people actually want to read in 2018.

Well, that’s what the creators of Goldie magazine clearly believe. For starters, they don’t believe print is dead. They’re so confident they’ve launched a new magazine, and it’s very different from everything else that’s currently on the stands.”



“Goldie magazine is aimed at ‘the baby boomer generation, who have an ageless attitude to living’. Started by post-50 entrepreneurial business creatives who have combined their talents in the fields of journalism, television, film making and the arts, to produce and independently publish a quarterly magazine, it’s dedicated to the narrative of a zeitgeist movement of flourishing older people.

They think there is a growing market of motivated, aspirational people who see ageing in a positive way and are actively engaged in everything from travelling, relationships/friendships, re-training, studying and starting new businesses.

Goldie aims to address these topics in a stylish, fun and positive way, debunking and questioning any negativity around ageing and writing about a diverse range of topics around later life living.

The magazine is self-published therefore it has no advertising and relies on direct funding from readers to enable them to grow a supportive and inspiring community.”